Greeting Neighbor,

Once again, I want to thank you for showing up on September 24th for the Final Resilience Edgemere Community Workshop. It shows that you are ready to stand up for your community.
However, if you could not attend, you can still make comments and give suggestions; all documents can be viewed or downloaded via our HPD-Comment-page. Please e-mail your comments, ideas, and questions to the following e-mail address: by Friday, October. 28th and CC, so that ECG can advocate for these neighborhood amenities.

Note that the deadline is extended to October 28th. Please share this with your neighbors and friends; the more people respond the better chance we have in getting our needs met.
HPD’s proposed Rezoning Plan does not reflect our immediate needs, please read the attached for yourself. It does not provide immediate coastal and bay protection, because resiliency measures are pushed out 5 to 10 years. What happened to the FEMA allocation of Community Development Block Grants for Edgemere? Where are the Federal monies to repair communities damaged by Superstorm Sandy? Once again we are last and moreover, HPD also wants us to wait another 5 to 10 years for any type of retail along Beach Channel Drive and Rockaway Beach Blvd through the building of Mid/High Rise Density Housing with the “possibility” of commercial development on ground floors. There is no guarantee or assurance of neighborhood retail stores whatsoever. We cannot afford to be duped again under the guise of Urban Renewal! The original Plan in 2000 called for 800 moderate and middle incomes single and two family homes with retail development. Now 16 years later, 307 homes were built but not one single commercial/retail development came into Edgemere. Instead, two affordable housing developments are being developed in or around Edgemere, Beach Green North a 101 unit building, which is just 1 of 3 buildings slated for that site on Beach 45th Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd, and a 154-unit Senior Housing on Beach 32nd St and Beach Channel Drive.

If HPD get their way, every vacant lot is scheduled to house Mid/High Density Inclusionary Housing Units along Beach Channel Drive and Rockaway Beach Blvd, along with the 400+ 1 & 2 family homes on side streets in-fill lots on Beach 43rd – 49th Streets. Nothing but housing! No local eateries and family restaurants, quality grocery stores, fresh green markets, banking facility, or pharmacy on Beach Channel Drive; no local park with track for residents along Rockaway Beach Blvd; no library or multi-generational recreation center on Beach 35th - 36th on Beach Channel Drive; no community meeting space and/or cultural and performing arts facility, no social recreation–movies theater, bowling alley, ice skating rink. Again, nothing that the community asked for. In addition, there is no opportunity for local residents to own or operate their own business. Where is the commitment to OneNYC? The City claims Edgemere is a food desert with low and moderate residents with a median income of $37,000(?) so where is theirs fiduciary and social responsibility to this community? Housing is not a poverty alleviator nor an income generator.

The Edgemere Community is located between Beach 35th and Beach 50th Street, there are at least 1000 homeowners within this vicinity. We are taxpayers, and it is unacceptable that the Mayor's office and HPD expect us to continue to live without a basic neighborhood infrastructure. Planning should start with a strong focus on the community's immediate needs—retail, community spaces, and other amenities as promised in the previous two Edgemere Renewal phases—not additional housing! The recent rezoning of Downtown Far Rockaway calls for 3,035 housing units. This does not include the new housing units being built on the old Peninsula Hospital site – Beach 51st – 53rd in Arverne, nor the luxury apartments coming to Arverne by the Sea. We don’t have adequate transportation, hospital, education and social recreation options as it is. How much is too much?

We recommend that you tell HPD and the City No to this Rezoning Plan! This is nothing more than the Mayor’s Housing Plan for Inclusionary Housing. Our quality of life should not be contingent upon more housing before neighborhood amenities are implemented—we waited too long and deserve better! Restore and remediate Edgemere first, that needs to be the priority!

We have to preserve the neighborhood character of Edgemere with one & two family homes with owner occupancy for all new housing. No absentee landlords, no multi-unit housing complexes, unless co-ops or condos. Edgemere public land should not be given to developers for a fraction of its worth without tangible benefits for the community.
We will reach out to you in the coming weeks to gather signatures for a petition focusing on the community's major concerns and needs. We must be vigilant in our pursuit for neighborhood equality, we can’t afford to continue to be silent!