Mystery Lights Secret Revealed

Fellow residents,
Today I finally received an answer on the who, what and why of the mysteriously appearance of the flood lights that have been giving many of us head aches since March 2, 2016. Below is the response from Deputy Director- MAP for Neighborhood Safety, Renita Francois.

The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice has identified 40 public housing developments, based on crime data and recommendations by NYPD, to receive 400 units of additional temporary lighting in and around the development over the next six months to study the impact of lighting on crime. The City worked with residents and the local precinct to identify exterior locations in and around their developments that they felt were in most need of lighting at night. The study will determine the effect of lighting on outdoor criminal activity, and will also survey residents to determine how lighting changes fears of crime or victimization, and how it affects neighborhood cohesion among residents. Crime Lab New York, a group of quantitative researchers and criminal justice experts, will conduct the evaluation.
The lights will remain in place from March 2nd-September 2nd 2016, as the warmer months are typically those that experience spikes in crime. It is our hope that this additional resource will prove beneficial to not only NYCHA residents, but to the surrounding community as well, thus we are open to hearing and addressing your concerns. After speaking with the Councilman, I reached out to both the light vendor and NYCHA who will be out today adjusting the brightness and direction of the lights. If you would like to share the locations of particular lights of issue so that I can ensure they are adjusted, I can get that information to NYCHA.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions,


Renita Francois

Deputy Director- MAP for Neighborhood Safety
Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice
1 Centre St., 10th Floor, Rm1012N