Speak up against mysterious invasion of flood lights!

Fellow resident,
Undoubtedly most, if not all of you, are painfully aware of the mysterious invasion of flood lights into the Edgemere community since Wednesday night, March 2, 2016. I have tried to unearth who we have to thank for this harassment and serious quality of life issue.

My first attempt: email to Councilman Richards, with cc to the Community Board 14 fell on deaf ears and is yet to be answered.
Yesterday I called precinct 101 and was told the lights were put there by the Housing Authority. The community affairs officer promised he would look into it. Today the story changed and I was told that the lights are construction lights, put there by DOT because they are doing construction. :-)

While I was unable yesterday to lodge a complaint with 311—because quality of life complaints are dealt with by the police—today I was able to make a complaint to the DOT, for illuminating streets while no sign of any construction. The complaint will be handled within 14 days? :-(

Clearly I cannot take this issue on by myself and therefor ask for you to do one or more of the following:

  • Call the 101 precinct (718.868.3400) and make a quality of life complaint. Make sure to ask for the officer's name and also note the time of your call. (Community affairs officers and Captain are absent today (Sunday). If you call on Monday, ask to speak to the Captain.
  • Call 311 and make a complaint against DOT for posting floodlights and keeping them on while no construction is being done. Make sure you write down the complaint number.
  • In addition you can contact the DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg directly via this email-form: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/contact/contact-form.shtml
  • For good measure also email NYCHA commissioner Shola Olatoye. You can find an email-form at: http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mailnycha.html make a copy before sending.
  • Call or email CB14 (718) 471-7300 cbrock14@nyc.rr.com
  • Call or email Councilman Donovan Richards. Rockaway office: 718-471-7014, NY office: 212-788-7216 drichards@council.nyc.gov
  • Please email me back on this to let me know what if anything you did and how the flood lights affect you.
  • If you have a new media connection, facebook, twitter, this is the time to put it to good use.

As a community we should not just sit by and be victims. I call this project serious harassment.

Please touch base with any neighbors who do not use the internet and ask them to respond as well. There is power in numbers. If less than 7 people act on this they will not even look at this.

Stay connected, stay informed.