We are Mobilizing!

Greetings Neighbors – We are Mobilizing!
You did it again, thanks for the wonderful turnout for the Edgemere Community Planning Vision workshops on April 2 and April 5. Based on the attendance and the feedback I believe our voices will be heard. While we might not get everything we want at least the City is taking the initiative to involve us. We can’t afford to be complacent. Things are happening faster than we know. That is why we are formalizing a Working Community Group to represent the residents of Edgemere; thus ensuring that our needs, wants and desires are incorporated into any and all City planning initiatives. Forming this group will give the Edgemere community a voice to leverage and gain input in all phases of neighborhood development instead of just being a website to get the word out about community happenings and meetings. Our goal is make Edgemere a more empowered, informed, and resilient community.
We are looking for like-minded people who have a desire to bring positive change to the community with; beautification projects, community development programs, healthy living initiatives, small business opportunities for residents, community walks, arts and street fairs and other community initiatives that will make a positive impact, making Edgemere the place where you want to live. Having a thriving and vibrant community will increase our home value, create better schools, encourage healthy and stronger families, and provide social and recreation outlets; thus eliminating the feeling of isolation of the Rockaways. In order to accomplish this, we need you to mobilize and give of your time to join us. We will be hosting a capacity building meeting in the near future asking you, your family and neighbors to sign up for positions to move the Edgmere Community Group forward. If you are interested please contact us.
In the month of May, there are several community organizations that need your participation and support; See articles below. If you like to post an event or know of anything that might benefit the community, please feel free to share.

Stay Informed and Connected
Jackie Rogers