Participatory Budgeting (PB) vote in District 31 (March 26—April 3 2016.

Participatory Budgeting gives real power to New Yorkers who may have never been involved in the political process before and can result in better budget decisions for our city – because who knows the needs of our communitiy better than the people who actually live there

Voting will take place March 26th—April 3rd, 2016. Anyone 14 years or older who lives in Council District 31 is eligible to vote. In order to vote, you'll need documents proving your current address and age. If you need to confirm whether you live in Council District 31 you can do so by entering your address on the 2016 PB website. There is also a list of usable documents available on the site

List of projects

District 31 residents can find out where to vote, volunteer to help with the PB vote, and learn more about this exciting project.

For more information, text “PBVOTE31” to 212-676-8384, follow @PB_NYC on Twitter.